One Year of Marriage

Posted: 27 May 2008 in Celebrations, Days Out, Marriage

The happiest day of my life

Well we made it to a year of wedded bliss!

We celebrated yesterday with a child free afternoon out in Manchester. Robyn is at her Grannys house for the week so after dropping Katie off at my mum & dads house we got on a train and in under an hour we were in the city centre.

We strolled round the shops without having to negotiate a buggy through crowds of people… what a delight! Funny how we still ended up buying clothes for the girls though!

Next it was off to the cinema but first we grabbed a drink of the alcoholic variety in the bar. We went and found our seats armed with popcorn and watched “21”… a good film!

Dinner was next… a chinese restaurant “YumYums”.  Eat as much as you like for £8.95 each. We made the most of it… well it would be rude not to!

Then we went back to the train station where we watched some silly lads trying to fight on the platform. We were entertained by the afore mentioned lads (who had at first appeared to be so full of it) turn into sheepish boys when the police were called and started taking all their details. It was really quite funny!

We were home at a very respectable time of 9pm (we must be getting old!) so we snuggled up together and watched some TV. It was a perfect day.

Thankyou Anthony for a perfect year. I hope there are many many more to come :o)


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