Famous Last Words…

Posted: 7 June 2008 in Church, Uncategorized

“Yeah… I’ll head up the church Ebay account!”

The last week or so has seen me stressing infront of my laptop trying to set up a charity ebay account. What a nightmare!

Why do these things look as though they will be simple to do when in reality it means you need to stock up on paracetamol and give up your sanity. A government health warning should be issued!

After many hours of input I have finally got an account set up on Ebay that is linked to the church. We have a seperate paypal account and are registered with “MissionFish” (although our charity doesn’t come up when you search… yet another email has gone in to iron that problem out!).

I have one item on there for sale at the moment as a “test” auction. We are meant to get a little charity ribbon symbol beside our listing but thats not there. I think this will be sorted out alongside my other query.

Hopefully all the stress will be worth it. I have a few boxes of stuff upstairs ready to list (all donated to be sold for church funds). Lets hope we can raise lots of money for church!

Now… where did I put that parcel tape?!

  1. Yes – isn’t that always the case. You voluteer for a job which then mushrooms into a nightmare. But when it’s all sorted out there is very little to show for it and people say – Oh yes, OK- without having a clue what has gone into it. Still, perhaps the fact that I can identify with the problem suggests that it has probably happened to most of us at some time. That’s part of the fun of being a Christian – you never know what is going to happen next.

  2. snoogiewoogie says:

    Oh gosh, Mel, that sound like a bit of a nightmare…I hope it will all be worthwhile in the end and you raise lots of money. Just out of interest – do you have to pay insertion fees as well if you are a charity???

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