It’s been a while…

Posted: 18 July 2008 in Robyn

My blog has been neglected lately… I need to sort it out!

Tomorrow Robyn is off to her dads again for a week and I’m struggling to be honest. I want her to go because she likes to see her Granny and Grandad. If we are all honest she isnt that bothered by seeing her dad! She knows that she ought to enjoy it and she does to a degree but its her Grandparents that she is excited about seeing!

When she gets home next week I am planning some nice things to do… I am taking her to Eureka for the day on our own for a bit of mummy/daughter 1 on 1 time. She doesnt know yet but she will be thrilled when I tell her we are going on the train, just the 2 of us!!!

I will be trying much harder to blog from now on but I’ll finish for today with a Robyn quote…

“One day Mummy I think we should go to London and visit the Queen… if she’s not too busy!”


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