Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted: 14 February 2009 in Celebrations, Katie, Marriage, Robyn

word-heart1I recieved a beautiful bunch of tulips from Anthony this morning. Tulips are my all time favourite flower. My wedding bouquet was made with tulips. I love it when they start appearing in the shops, it feels like spring is finally on its way. 

Tonight we’re having a lovely meal just the 2 of us at home. King prawn cocktail followed by chicken in white wine and mushroom cream sauce with rice and then either lemon tart or lemon mousse, depending on time. I cant wait!

The girls have been testing my patience this morning. Robyn is off to her Dad’s for the week in an hour or so and is excited. Katie is picking up on the excitement but cant quite cope with it so there’s lots of strops and tantrums coming from her direction!

Anthony has gone out for a walk with my dad and friends to Hebden Bridge. Its about 4 miles from here and the walk is along the canal towpath. I wanted to join them but I needed to wait here for Robyn to be collected. When she has gone I’ll pop Katie in bed for a nap and grab some peace and quiet on my own instead!!

I found the word heart tool here. Its great fun! Have a go!

  1. Rosemarie says:

    Happy Valentines :;)

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