My new hobby

Posted: 6 March 2009 in Sewing

A while ago I was prompted to think of 5 things to do before I die. One of those things was to learn how to sew. I’m pleased to say that I set about this ambition and for Christmas I received my very 1st sewing machine.

I started out with some scraps of fabric and before long I had made a couple of bags for Katie to keep her toys in. Not bad someone who had only used a machine a couple of times (and that was almost 20 years ago at school!).

I got a book out of the library and found some instructions for making bunting. I made a set for each of my girls and was very proud of it. I showed it off on my Facebook page and a couple of friends got in touch asking if I would be willing to make some for their children too!

I’ve made quite a few sets now and have got better each time. I’m thinking of making some for Robyns teacher at the end of term to go in her classroom.

I’m so glad I started my new hobby. It’s fantastic to be able to create something so pretty out of a few bits of fabric! Soon I hope to make a skirt each for Robyn and Katie 🙂

  1. Mrs.Pogle says:

    I really like the bags 🙂

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