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Posted: 31 March 2010 in The Gallery
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Over at The Gallery this week the prompt is “Outside my front door”. I smiled when I saw the prompt because I am very proud of where I live. It is a beautiful place and I count myself very lucky to call it home.I’m very sorry because I can’t choose one picture, there will be a few in this post!

This picture was taken from my door step in February.

This next one is also taken from my doorstep last week

We live in the middle of the Pennine hills, on the border of Lancashire and West Yorkshire. Our little town is nestled down in the middle of 3 steep valleys and so the hills can be seen from pretty much wherever you are in the town.
There are lots of mills in the town which are now sadly unused or are being used for other things. Outside my front door is one of these mills. It has been separated off and is used for different things. There is a garage in one bit, one section is currently empty and the other is used as the HQ for a local firm who create straw bale buildings. They run courses in there and give talks.

This is the view across our park.

We have a river (The Calder) and a canal running through the town. The river is 10 seconds from our house and so we are always over there feeding the ducks and the trout that call it home. Being on the Pennine Way means we get lots of walkers visiting. We have a lovely market which is a 2 minute walk from our home. The indoor market is great with 3 excellent butchers, deli stalls, hardware, haberdashery, florists and sweets! The outdoor market stalls change daily and it serves the town very well. The viaduct that runs through the town is a real landmark. Katie loves to watch the trains going across.

Yes, I love it where we live. There is so much outside our front door to see and do. The people here are wonderful too. I am so glad we moved here 2 years ago. It’s the best thing we ever did!

  1. Wow look at those killer hills! Gorgeous gorgeous. You are rightly proud if you can take scenic pix like that!

  2. What a beautiful place you live in. I love the view across the park, with the hill rising behind the houses, lovely.

  3. The Moiderer says:

    That is a lovely part of the world. Lovely photo’s.

  4. TheMadHouse says:

    What a beautiful place nad so lucky with the local shops and markets, so many towns have lost that nowadays

  5. marisworld says:

    Lovely photos of a gorgeous place to live. I’m sure you are proud too.

  6. MrsW says:

    Loving that sky shot – you sound totally smitten with your place and it’s hard not to want to run down there and buy me a house 🙂

  7. whatshappeningatmyhouse says:

    Lovely pics, can’t believe what beautiful places everybody has in their photos this week – aren’t we all lucky to live in such gorgeous locations? x

  8. cherishedbyme says:

    Wow, to all of those photos and that sky!! Stunning. :0)

  9. Lovely collection of pictures. That sunset is just heavenly!! And the bridge… oh I love it!! Love old architecture…

  10. Livi says:

    Glad you’ve found your ideal place to live, it does look perfect in every way!

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