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Posted: 14 April 2010 in The Gallery
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I missed last weeks post on The Gallery. If I am honest it just stumped me! The prompt was “Ugly” and I’m trying so hard to think positive at the moment that I couldnt bring myself to think ugly thoughts lol.
I’m back though and this weeks prompt is “Joy”.

Last week my best friend who I miss so so much had a beautiful baby girl. We moved up to Yorkshire over 2 years ago and so I don’t get to see my friend as often as I’d like. I think about her every day and I know that no matter how many times a year we see eachother (last year it was twice) we will remain the very best of friends for life. She knows far too much about me for us to fall out lol.

So… joy. Baby Alexis Iona was born fit and well last Wednesday. I dont think there is much more of a joyous occasion than the birth of a new baby. I spent last Wednesday telling everyone I know that Lorna had given birth. I was so excited for her.

On Sunday my wonderful husband drove me and the girls down to visit Lorna and her lovely family. We spent the most wonderful afternoon together. It was so important for me to visit my friend and give her new precious baby some snuggles. It was definitely a joyful occasion. Seeing the friend that means so much to me and holding her newborn daughter. I also managed to take some photographs of Alexis which in turn has given Lorna so much joy. She said she cried when she saw this picture and I have to say I keep finding myself gazing at it too.

I am so proud of my friend. I miss her every day but it is moments like Sunday that keep me going. I know that we are there for eachother when we need it the most. In times of sorrow and joy, just as friends should be. Last year the two occasions we saw eachother were a funeral and Lornas own wedding. Sorrow and joy.

Here we are together last Sunday

Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief.– Swedish proverb

  1. beautiful. and beautiful pic and baby.

  2. memyselfandotherthings says:

    lovely post as I said before on twitter…

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