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Posted: 28 April 2010 in The Gallery, Uncategorized
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It’s Gallery time again and the theme is “Portraits”.

Last Friday I went to watch the Dancing on Ice tour with Robyn. Imagine the scene… just me and my eldest daughter on an exciting trip to watch a show! Robyn is a huge fan of the TV show Dancing on Ice and Anthony very kindly splashed out and bought me and her a ticket each to see the tour in Manchester.

We only live 30 minutes from Manchester on the train so off we went after school. We went and got something to eat before the show started and then we went and found our seats in the M.E.N arena. Robyn was totally gobsmacked! I don’t think she expected it to be as huge as it was.

The show was absolutely fantastic. We shouted, cheered and clapped. We also boo’d when Nicky (one of the judges) only gave Hayley (our favourite) a score of 5.0 for her Jai Ho skate. The audience went crazy.

I watched in amazement when Torvill & Dean skated. Seeing them skate a variation of “Bolero” which won them their gold medal at the 1984 Winter Olympics made my hairs stand on end. Totally awesome (that was just for you Mel!).

Anyway, back to the Gallery! I only took my compact camera to the show and I snapped a picture of Robyn while we were waiting at the train station on the way. A beautiful portrait of my beautiful girl.

Come and have a look at all the other Gallery entries. There are some wonderful portaits!

  1. memyselfandotherthings says:

    Hahaha, I am converting you to awesome. Yay. So glad you and Robs had a great time. 🙂

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Great “snap shot” photo! Sometimes the best!!!

  3. TheMadHouse says:

    She looks so thoughtful

  4. Plan B says:

    Really stunning – can’t believe that’s just a “snap”!

  5. geekymummy says:

    What a lovely pic of a beautiful girl. Just goes to show that its the photographer and not the camera that makes the shot.

    I would love to have seen torville and dean, brilliant!

  6. Michelle says:

    Seems like she is in thoughts, looking in the distance for the train you are waiting for. Lovely photo!

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