Win a Kenwood Smoothie 2GO Machine!

Posted: 12 January 2012 in About me, Diet
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My friend Becks over at Weight Wars has an amazing giveaway at the moment… a Kenwood Smoothie 2GO machine. Now I am slowly losing weight but I really need to start shifting it a bit quicker if I ever want baby number 3.

Did you see One Born Every Minute last night on Channel 4? I think most of my friends watch it. I had 2 very different births with Robyn & Katie. Both were induced but Robyn took 2 days to come out (kind of goes with her very laid back attitude!) while Katie was out in under an hour and a half. I watch OBEM and cry along with what seems like every other woman that watches it. I can sympathise with the long labours on there and I smile and get goose bumps at the calm and quick ones.

Last night there was a woman with PCOS and something she said on there has stuck in my head. Her GP said to her she needed to lose 5 stone in weight. She said that gave her a kick up the backside. She said she loves cake but when she looked at the piece of chocolate cake she thought “Do I want the bit of cake or a baby?!”. I burst into tears at this. As much as I love cake I am desperate for another baby. April this year sees not only the due date of our baby that we lost in the summer but also the 4 year anniversary of when we started trying for this elusive baby.

4 years is too long. I need to lose weight for so many reasons but the most pressing one for me at the moment is a baby. So I want a piece of cake or a baby? When I ask myself that question the answer is so simple.

I want to win this smoothie maker to help me say no to cake. Why not enter the giveaway… although there’s not much point to be fair because I am clearly already the winner lol.

  1. Becks says:

    Cake or Baby sounds like a very motivating statement. I need to figure out mine, Cake or Australia, Cake or Making Uni Easier, so many!

  2. Pmsl – so I’m a loser am i?

    I found that lady inspiring last night.

    Still think of you on your baby journey and pray for that elusive baby soon xxxxx

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