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I trawled through the archives for this weeks entry to The Gallery and came up with this shot…

Delicious food and wine that was shared with my lovely family on Easter Day this year.

My mum has some testing times ahead in the next few weeks. With a bit of luck she won’t be able to share Easter dinner with us next year. That sounds wrong, right?! Let me explain…

In a couple of weeks she is going to attend a BAP (Bishop’s Advisory Panel) which is essentially a selection conference. She has been going through the process in the hope to be selected to train as an ordained minister in the Church of England. If mum gets selected she will be away for Easter next year. While it will be sad to not spend Easter with her (I think it would be the 1st time ever in my 32 years since she gave birth to me) it would be wonderful if the reason behind it was that she was in training.

So this post is for my mum. I know she would appreciate any thoughts and prayers from any of you in the next few weeks so that Gods will may be done.


Good Friday Blessings

Posted: 2 April 2010 in Church
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This morning we went to a lovely Good Friday service at church. It was all aimed at the children and they had a really great time learning more about Holy week and about what we, as Christians believe.

The children re-enacted the Last Supper and made crosses from salt dough. We all ate hot cross buns too 🙂

At the end of the service all the children lit a candle on the big cross and we said lovely Good Friday prayers. It was really beautiful.

Wishing you all a peaceful and blessed Good Friday.

Advent Sunday

Posted: 29 November 2009 in About me, Celebrations, Church, Robyn
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Today is Advent Sunday. I had to explain to Robyn this week that Advent Sunday isn’t necessarily the day we open the 1st door on our Advent calendars. I expected her to be disappointed but instead she was excited about lighting the 1st Advent candle at church and began talking about counting down the Sundays until Christmas.

This afternoon we went to an Advent service at church. It was lovely. There were lots of candles lit and while people were waiting for the service to start you could hear them all talking about Christmas preparations. Someone behind me said she still had lots of shopping to do and somebody else was talking about their Christmas traditions. There was a real buzz about the place. Full of excitement and joy.

I got thinking about the floods appeal that has been launched. Our church was open all last week for people to bring blankets, clothes, towels etc which will be distributed to the people in Cumbria.

Here I was sitting in church excited about the start of Advent, full of anticipation about the exciting times that lay ahead of us in December with Katie’s 3rd birthday and of course Christmas and not far from us there are people whose lives have been devastated by floods. I told Robyn how I was feeling and she had tears in her eyes. She said “I might have some old toys that other children could have”. When we got home she went upstairs and brought some things down for me to take to church. Tomorrow I will look through all our clothes. Larger sized clothes are in particular need. I can help out there. There has to be some good points to being overweight!

So, as Advent begins let us watch and wait. Let us look forward and believe. But also let us remember and think about people who need our help, and never ever underestimate children.

Robyn has learned today that a lit candle is just as exciting as a piece of Advent calendar chocolate and will have helped some children get some toys back.


It’s a play day

Posted: 13 July 2009 in Celebrations, Church, Family
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After our sad few days I’ve had a pretty constant headache so I decided yesterday that today would be a quiet play day to allow myself to relax with Katie.

This morning Robyn got up complaining of a sore throat and said she’d like to stay at home. I figured that she needed a quiet play day too so duly telephoned the school to inform them she wouldnt be in.

At 10am Robyn announced she felt better so she went upstairs with Katie and came back down dressed as a ballerina. This morning they have also bounced on my bed, rolled around the floor, played with the train set, done some colouring and had a picnic lunch on a blanket in the living room.

Katie is now having a nap while Robyn is lazing around on the floor with a book in preperation for the afternoons activities. We always go to a family service at church on a Monday after school. This afternoon we are all taking some food and having a party to celebrate the end of term. It happens to coincide with Granny Marys birthday today. She loved both lazy play days & parties xxx


It’s been a funny old week

Posted: 20 February 2009 in Church, Days Out, Family, Robyn

I’m really missing Robyn this week. She’s home tomorrow and I’ll be so glad to give her a big cuddle.

We got our new car. Its a silver X Reg zafira. We love it! Its so good to have some freedom back again! Yesterday we drove to Morecambe to see mum and dad for the day. I told Robyn on the phone that we got a new car and she was so excited although she did ask me why we didnt get a blue one lol.

We also sold the old car. Its good to have that one gone and have the cash in our pockets (however short lived that was! It paid for a years tax on the new one 🙂 ).

We found out this week that a 10yr old girl we know has been badly hurt in an accident on her familys farm. She is currently paralysed from waist down and although the doctors are unsure of the permanence of this the outlook isnt good. My thoughts and prayers are with her and the family.

Yesterday we found out that a lady at church has died. It was incredibly sudden and she will be missed by many.

So tomorrow my big girl will be back home where she belongs. I’ll be giving her an extra squeeze as I count my blessings that I have a healthy family xxx


Posted: 8 February 2009 in Church, Family, Meals

I love Sundays. I think it is my favourite day of the week.

A typical Sunday for me goes like this:

  • Snooze in bed while the girls eat breakfast and play, get up and get ready slowly
  • Go to church with Robyn. Mum and dad are there too and its nice to get out to speak to people. (Katie doesnt come at the moment unless Daddy comes too, she is too much of a handful for me)
  • Come home from church where Anthony has often prepared a delicious roast dinner. Today was no exception… pot roast brisket with roasties and yorkshire puddings. Scrummy!
  • Watch family films (todays was “Matilda”) and rubbish TV while recovering from the roast dinner
  • Play with my girls and enjoy having them both at home together.
  • Baking. I often bake on a Sunday afternoon. My mum always used to when I was a child. This means the next thing on this list is extra good…
  • Sunday tea! Often egg mayo sandwiches feature on this menu, followed by the fruits of my labour in the baking department. Nothing beats freshly made cakes for Sunday tea!
  • Once the girls are in bed its time for TV again… currently its “Dancing on Ice” followed by “Wild at Heart”. Sunday night TV at its best!

Basically then its a mixture of relaxation, worship and family time… all very important things in my life. Lots of people I know find Sundays boring. How can that be?!

A Difficult Day

Posted: 6 February 2009 in Church, Memories

It’s not very often that I let the “spiritual” side of me show… as I mentioned in the 25 things about me. Today though it has been tough and I stumbled across this prayer while I was looking for some comforting words. I’ll be reading it a lot over the coming week I think.

Every day I need you, Lord, but this day especially I need some extra strength to face whatever is to be.

This day, more than any other day, I need to feel you near to fortify my courage and to overcome my fear.

By myself I cannot meet the challenge of the hour; there are times when human creatures need a higher power to help them bear what must be borne.

And so, dear Lord I pray, hold on to my trembling hand and be with me today.