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My Anthony… My Soulmate

Posted: 28 August 2008 in About me, Marriage

I have been prompted today to answer this question and thought I would share my answer in my blog…

What was it that made you think you could be with your partner forever?

When I met Anthony I was in a very low place… in the middle of a nervous breakdown. At first I gave him the runaround. I was too frightened to get close to him because at the time everything I seemed to touch just fell apart. I didnt want to jinx things.

Then I fell pregnant… I was in total shock, so was he. We’d only been together 3 months. What a difference from Robyns dad though… Tom left me when I was 6 weeks pregnant whereas Anthony assured me that he would stick by me. I knew then that he was special. We were just getting our heads around the idea of becoming parents together when I miscarried.

The way Anthony supported me and comforted me made me realise I had found the one. A week after the miscarriage Anthony proposed to me. We’d been together not quite 4 months. Of course then I fell pregnant with Katie and that just reassured me that we were meant to be together.

Anthony is my soulmate and I thank my lucky stars that I let my defences down and let us get close. We’ve been married for 15 months now and we are planning baby number 3.

Sorry… here’s the sick bucket! mouthfull


Ten on Tuesday…

Posted: 26 August 2008 in Ten on Tuesday
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This week’s Ten on Tuesday is “’10 Things you didn’t like about school”. Here’s mine

  1. Bullying: This has to be absolutely top of my list. From the age of 11-16 I was bullied daily… never physically but mentally. I got called the nastiest names, was taunted everywhere I went, people damaged my stuff and generally made my life hell. This bullying really affected me as an adult… I’ll never forgive those bullies.
  2. P.E Lessons: I’ve never been sporty and always been conscious of my appearance so changing into a P.E kit was my worst nightmare… made worse of course by bullies. I used to dread double P.E on a Thursday afternoon!
  3. Uniform: At school we had to wear a skirt (not the boys of course… that would just be silly!). I hate skirts and have hardly worn one since school apart from my Wedding day! Now at all my old schools trousers are part of the girl’s uniforms. So much better!
  4. English Lessons: Reading out loud in class always filled me with dread! I used to pray for the bell to ring before it got to my turn!
  5. Boring Teachers: I sometimes really wish I had taken GCSE History but I was completely put off doing so by my year 9 History teacher… she taught us the history of medicine in such a boring and uninspiring way that I couldn’t wait to ditch the subject!
  6. Music Lessons: So boring! I love to sing and I love to listen to music but I can’t play for toffee!
  7. GCSE Coursework:Maths was the worst… I could never quite get the hang of what I was meant to do and by the time I figured out the formula it was too late to start doing any of the extension stuff. I used to get grade F a lot in Maths coursework… how I ended up with an overall grade B is beyond me!!!
  8. The Playground: Always too cold for me! I was too afraid to walk across the middle in case I got hit by a football so stuck to the edges. I used to go and sit in the library a fair bit to get some homework done rather than brave the playground!
  9. Science: Still bores me now!! Drawing all those diagrams used to drive me mad!
  10. Revision: I never had any motivation to revise. I could sit for ages with my books but spend all my time making a new revision timetable in lovely colours (after all the teachers all said how important it was to have one… right?!!). Then I’d get into an exam and wish that I’d revised!

She Speaks!!!

Posted: 24 August 2008 in Katie

I may have mentioned before that Katie is a girl of few words… Robyn was speaking much earlier than Katie but then Katie is much more active than Robyn was at this age. Funny how 2 sisters can be so different!
This weekend though Katie has suddenly started talking! We have had “Cuddle” and “Ahh-Eee” (Maggie…mum and dads cat!).

The phrase of the weekend though definitely has to be “Dare-goo-woahhh!” . Translated as “There you go!”. Also we have been getting “Dare-goo-whar!”… “There you are!”

My baby can speak after all!!! Way to go Katie Grace!!!!!


My Favourite Drink…

Posted: 18 August 2008 in Robyn

Just a really quick entry… this really made me chuckle

Yesterday Robyn stayed behind after church with my mum and dad for the Church BBQ and apparently went round telling everybody that my favourite drink is Avocado & Peach!

Actually she means Orange & Mango!

I wonder what Avocado & Peach would taste like lol.

Ham & Cheese Muffins

Posted: 16 August 2008 in Recipes, Uncategorized

Another apology for neglecting my blog… once Robyn is back at school I will make more time for it! That’s a promise!

I just made these muffins… it’s a Tana Ramsay recipe. I didn’t have any ham so I just missed it out and made plain cheese ones. I also missed out the parmesan cheese for the tops since we have run out.

They are delicious!

Ham and Cheese Muffins

300g/10½oz Self Raising Flour

½ Tsp Mustard Powder

½ Tsp Paprika

75g/3oz Butter

6 slices honey roast ham chopped into 1-cm pieces

185g/6 ½oz mature cheddar cheese, grated.

1 egg beaten

250 ml/ 9fl oz milk

6 tbsp finely grated parmesan (to sprinkle on top)

Makes: 12 muffins

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

• Preheat oven to 190 C/ 375 F/ GM5

• Lightly grease a 12 hole muffin tin (alternatively use muffin cases in the holes)

• Sieve the flour, mustard powder and paprika into a large mixing bowl. Rub in the butter until this resembles breadcrumbs. Add the ham and cheese, then stir in the egg and milk.

• Spoon equal amounts of the mix into the 12 muffin cases and sprinkle a little parmesan on top of each.

• Bake for 20 minutes

• Remove to a wire cooling rack