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Posted: 27 February 2009 in Diet

I weighed myself today… from now on I’ll weigh in on a Friday to allow myself a weekend treat without guilt.

Am very pleased with the result… I’ve lost 2lb since Monday! Although I’ve been good I could have done better. Pancake day didnt help and neither did the fact that we went out for dinner on Wednesday (chicken burger and chips. Ooops!).

Hopefully this is the start of the new me. Its given me a much needed boost!


Katie update

Posted: 24 February 2009 in Katie

Today the Health Visitor came back to see us. The visit went alot better than I was expecting and I’m very pleased with the result.

Katie has been referred for speech therapy. The HV took on board why I was upset last time and acknowledged that Katie says more than she thought. However we both agreed that she is delayed for her age and I agreed to the speech therapy referral.

She is also referring her to a paediatrician about her “wobbly feet”. She is concerned that she trips over alot. I really think she is reading into it too much but again I have agreed to the referral just incase there is something there that needs looking at. I’d rather have these referrals in place and then not need them than the other way round.

I’ve done really well with eating healthily the last 2 days and am feeling proud of myself. However today is Shrove Tuesday and I’ve been enjoying some pancakes guilt free!

Weighed in…

Posted: 23 February 2009 in Diet

A very depressing weigh-in. Since last time (about a month ago) I have gained 3lb.

I’m putting my weight here to hopefully shame myself into losing some… 18st 13lb. My only saving grace is that when I 1st started to lose weight in October I weighed 19st 7lb. Looking at it like that I suppose at least I’ve kept 8lb off.

Just had minging canned lentil soup for lunch. Need to find myself a recipe to make my own! Would be good if I could make a big batch and freeze it in portions. Off to google…

Monday Morning

Posted: 23 February 2009 in About me, Diet, Meals

Not just any old Monday morning… its Robyn’s 1st day back at school after half term and day number 1 of my diet (again!).

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. In the past I’ve given up the usual chocolate, crisps and sweets etc for Lent but this year I’m going to try and use it to lose weight. Hopefully it will help me be more disciplined. Tomorrow I’m going to aquafit for the first time in ages. I stopped going when I was having problems with my sciatica. That is all better now (mostly… for the time being at least) so last night we sat and sorted all the bits out for our Sports centre discount card. Ours expired on Saturday, typical eh?!

Breakfast today was Fruit n Fibre, lunch will be a cup a soup with oatcakes. Not sure about dinner yet, I need to look in the freezer.  I’m going to cut bread out of my diet for a while. i managed it for a couple of weeks in October and noticed the difference in my weight.

I’ll do a weigh in later. I may or may not post the results of that here in my blog. Watch this space

It’s been a funny old week

Posted: 20 February 2009 in Church, Days Out, Family, Robyn

I’m really missing Robyn this week. She’s home tomorrow and I’ll be so glad to give her a big cuddle.

We got our new car. Its a silver X Reg zafira. We love it! Its so good to have some freedom back again! Yesterday we drove to Morecambe to see mum and dad for the day. I told Robyn on the phone that we got a new car and she was so excited although she did ask me why we didnt get a blue one lol.

We also sold the old car. Its good to have that one gone and have the cash in our pockets (however short lived that was! It paid for a years tax on the new one 🙂 ).

We found out this week that a 10yr old girl we know has been badly hurt in an accident on her familys farm. She is currently paralysed from waist down and although the doctors are unsure of the permanence of this the outlook isnt good. My thoughts and prayers are with her and the family.

Yesterday we found out that a lady at church has died. It was incredibly sudden and she will be missed by many.

So tomorrow my big girl will be back home where she belongs. I’ll be giving her an extra squeeze as I count my blessings that I have a healthy family xxx

Katie DOES speak!

Posted: 15 February 2009 in Katie
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So after the Health Visitor worried me on Thursday I wrote down every single word Katie says. To date the number of different words/phrases she says is 82.

Anthony and I can understand what she says but not many other people can. Mum and dad often have to ask us what she said and they see her alot. I’m now satisfied that she is NOT as delayed as the stupid HV made her out to be. Delayed, yes: but not as much as 14mths behind her actual age.

I’ve documented all her words and will continue to add to the list until the next HV appointment. I need this HV to realise just how much she upset me. In over a year since we moved here we’ve not heard from a HV. Someone came out once when we 1st moved but only because I phoned up 3 times to ask advice about Katies sore bum. Since then, nada! I even had to call 4 or 5 times to organise her immunisations.

The HV asked nothing at all about my family. She didnt ask about Robyn (she didnt even ask if she had any siblings). She didnt ask anything about our personal circumstances and didnt ask about her development prior to 2yrs. Basically she came across as an interfering busy body who just cared about ticking boxes (or not as the case may be).

From chatting to various people Health Visitors generally have this reputation the country over. Surely it cant be coincidence?! I know when my nephew was about Katies age a HV managed to really upset my sister by telling her Michael was obese and that he would get picked on at school for being the fatty if she didnt reduce his milk intake!!

She didnt take up the HV’s shock advice and Michael is now almost 11yrs old and is the most slender boy ever. He is tall and very toned. Not overweight in the slightest!!!

9 days til the HV comes back out. This time I’ll be ready for her!

word-heart1I recieved a beautiful bunch of tulips from Anthony this morning. Tulips are my all time favourite flower. My wedding bouquet was made with tulips. I love it when they start appearing in the shops, it feels like spring is finally on its way. 

Tonight we’re having a lovely meal just the 2 of us at home. King prawn cocktail followed by chicken in white wine and mushroom cream sauce with rice and then either lemon tart or lemon mousse, depending on time. I cant wait!

The girls have been testing my patience this morning. Robyn is off to her Dad’s for the week in an hour or so and is excited. Katie is picking up on the excitement but cant quite cope with it so there’s lots of strops and tantrums coming from her direction!

Anthony has gone out for a walk with my dad and friends to Hebden Bridge. Its about 4 miles from here and the walk is along the canal towpath. I wanted to join them but I needed to wait here for Robyn to be collected. When she has gone I’ll pop Katie in bed for a nap and grab some peace and quiet on my own instead!!

I found the word heart tool here. Its great fun! Have a go!