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Silent Sunday



Posted: 1 February 2010 in 365 Project, Photography
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As a part of the 365 project in the Flickr group I am in we post a mosaic of images at the end of each month. I am really enjoying the challenge.

Februarys set should be interesting… I am in Taizé for one week out of it! I cannot wait!

Monthly Scavenger Hunt

Posted: 5 January 2010 in MSH, Photography
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My fixation with Flickr continues. A while ago I joined a group called “Monthly Scavenger Hunt”. I have lurked but not yet joined in until now. I’ve decided to give it a go as it looks fun! It might provide me with inspiration for my 365 project when I’m struggling for ideas and I like the prompts on the list!

January 2010 Scavenger Hunt

1. Mas Que Nada (Please tag as msh0110-1 and msh0110) Here
2. Air Mail Special (msh0110-2 and msh0110) Here
3. String of Pearls (msh0110-3 and msh0110) Here
4. Ornithology (msh0110-4 and msh0110) Here
5. On the Street Where You Live (msh0110-5 and msh0110) Here
6. Born to be Blue (msh0110-6 and msh0110) Here
7. Close your Eyes (msh0110-7 and msh0110) Here
8. All the Things You Are (msh0110-8 and msh0110) Here
9. Smooth Sailing (msh0110-9 and msh0110) Here
10. Tangerine (msh0110-10 and msh0110) Here
11. Four (msh0110-11 and msh0110) Here
12. Squeeze Me (msh0110-12 and msh0110) Here
13. God Bless the Child (msh0110-13 and msh0110) Here
14. Time on my Hands (msh0110-14 and msh0110) Here
15. Three Little Words (msh0110-15 and msh0110) Here
16. I Got Rhythm (msh0110-16 and msh0110) Here
17. Fever (msh0110-17 and msh0110) Here
18. Ain`t Misbehavin` (msh0110-18 and msh0110) Here
19. Love for Sale (msh0110-19 and msh0110) Here
20. How High the Moon (msh0110-20 and msh0110) Here

Maybe not quite a web tool but the thing that has to come under this section is Flickr.

I was introduced to it by a friend and when my OU photography course (T189) started I became hooked. On Flickr I can share photographs of more random things than I do on Facebook. So many people are able to see my photographs. The rush I blogged about earlier on in this challenge becomes even more immense when I get a comment on Flickr. A complete stranger telling me that they like my photograph is amazing for me! In 2010 I am going to start a photo a day challenge set up by a past T189 course member. I hope it keeps my passion for photography alive now that my course has finished.

A web tool that enables my photographs to be seen by more people has to be good! You can see my Flickr photostream here:

This post is part of  Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 blog challenge

I think there can only be one thing here. My photography.

This year I have discovered a new hobby, something that I enjoy so so much and something that gives pleasure to others. I have discovered that I can get a huge rush by taking photographs, by getting home and editing them and by seeing peoples reactions to them.

At the weekend we went out to Heaton Park with my family. The sunlight was perfect and it was a really crisp winters day. Wonderful! I was totally taken by the beauty of the trees against the winter sky and when I got home I began to edit the photographs I had taken. When I opened one particular photograph to edit I actually said “Wow!!!”. My sister in law asked me what was wrong lol. The rush I got was amazing. A photograph that I had taken was so stunning that it made me gasp! I had to remind myself that it was my photograph and not one from a book.

Yes. Learning photography has definitely given me the rush of 2009!

Here is that photograph:

This post is part of  Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 blog challenge

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Right, I need to get back to blogging. Yes. I will try my very best, starting now.

In a day that is easy to remember negatives I need to jot down a few positives. The things that have made me happy today are:

  • Getting an email back from the local newspaper to say they are considering using one of my photographs from an event in town at the weekend.
  • Spending time with my 11yr old nephew and teaching him how to use my camera. Seeing his excitement as he took some lovely photographs.
  • Hearing Katies portage worker tell me I am a good mum despite Katie being difficult.
  • Spending time with my mum, dad and sister. I am lucky to have them.
  • My husband being so unbelievably thoughtful and sensitive.
  • The lovely cuddle I got from Robyn.

For now I will forget the tears I have shed today. They are gone. Tomorrow is a new day.