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What advertisement made you think this year?

My favourite TV ad this year is the Barclaycard one:

Years ago when on holiday you would always find me on the highest diving board and the biggest water slide. Not now. I have lost my confidence. When I first saw that advert on TV I thought “Wow! I’d love to go on that!”. Then I felt sad because I knew that whereas I used to have the confidence I’d never actually do it now. Why not?! Where did the confidence go?!
When we went on holiday to Butlins in May there were water slides galore. Did I go on any of them? No, of course not! For one thing there are weight restrictions on these things. Imagine getting to the top of the steps and then realising I was too big to go down. The humiliation would be too much. Instead I stayed with the girls in the pool while Anthony went and had fun on the slides.

One day I will go on a water slide. At Blackpool there is a water park that I have always wanted to go to. When I have lost this weight and have some confidence back I will go there and I will have fun.

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Best of 2009: Laugh

Posted: 29 December 2009 in Best of 2009
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My family love to laugh. All of us have a great and sometimes wicked sense of humour. When we get together with my mum, dad, sister and nephew then big laughs are guaranteed.
Sometimes the phone will ring and when you answer all you can hear is laughter, so much laughter that the person on the other end is unable to speak. It is usually my mum or dad. We do it to them too. Something will have happened that is hysterically funny and you just need to share!

On Boxing Day I was reading through something of Robyns where she had been prompted to write who in her class was the best at certain things. There were headings and she had to fill in names underneath. It went something like this:

  • Best dressed: Paige
  • Best dancer: William
  • Best hair: Me
  • Best make up: Me
  • Most popular: Me & Chloe
  • Best drama queen: Me
  • Best cheerleader: Me
  • Best singer: Me
  • Most handsome: Isaac
  • Best prom King: Isaac
  • Best prom Queen: Me
  • Most likely to become famous: All the girls

When I read it I howled with laughter. I read it out to Anthony and he did the same. I said “I’ve got to tell Mum and Dad!” so picked up the phone and read it out to them too. I could hardly speak, they were both creased up with laughing too. I knew they would appreciate it.
This is what our family does… laugh. We laugh at the slightest little thing but most of all we share our jokes and make others laugh too. Each time we meet up one of us has a funny story to tell. There is no point in keeping big laughs to yourself is there?!

This post is part of  Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 blog challenge