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We are on our holidays this week in Morecambe, on the north west cost of England. We played on the beach today and Katie was in her element. It was beautiful to watch.


Best of 2009: Trip

Posted: 8 December 2009 in Best of 2009
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Inspired by a friend I have decided to take up Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 blog challenge. I’m late in starting it, the idea being to  blog one thing a day using the prompt from the list but hopefully I can catch up.

So, the first prompt is “Best Trip”.

Money was tight this year since Anthony has spent most of it unemployed. We did however make ourselves save up for a cheap 4 day break to Butlins, Minehead in May. We looked forward to it so much and we weren’t let down. Not everyones cup of tea but for us and our 2 girls it was perfect. Lots to do for the kids which ensured we had a good time just seeing them having fun.

We saw Bob the Builder, Barney the dinosaur, The Wonderpets, Dora the Explorer and more. Kids paradise! Most of all it gave us the chance to be together, just the 4 of us. We played and laughed all week and came home exhausted! Definitely my best trip of 2009… we are hoping to book again for next year.

Let’s go fly a kite

Posted: 5 August 2009 in Family, Memories
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At the weekend we decided to get away. We’re very lucky to have access to my parents lovely apartment in Morecambe. It is situated right on the seafront and being on the 4th floor (there is a lift, thank goodness!) means that the views across Morecambe Bay are amazing.

We can be there in an hour on a good traffic day and so it is perfect for a quick break. Boy did we need that break! We had some lovely walks, we had a good breakfast at our favourite greasy spoon café, we took the girls to soft play and we played on the beach. Most of all though, we just relaxed in the apartment watching the tide come in and out.

If you have ever been fortunate enough to just do that for hours on end you will know it is compelling viewing. At Morecambe the tide swirls round and comes in from different directions. The picture I currently use as my banner here on my blog is the view from the beach at the front of the apartment. When the tide is in we watch them bobbing around. When the tide is out we see them sitting on the muddy sand. Often there are fishermen walking out to the sea. We love to watch the boats when the tide is on it’s way in. The way the sea carefully picks the boats up and allows them to be free once more is something that grips us.

We’ll often sit in silence and then one of us will announce “There’s someone on that boat!”. Then we’ll watch until the tide is in far enough for the boat to set sail. Once the boat gets going we’ll watch until it’s out of sight, and then wonder where they are going, how long they will be gone and what sights they will see.

On Sunday teatime we all went down to the beach armed with buckets, spades and a kite. The girls built sandcastles and tried to dig to Australia. Anthony flew the kite and I sat. I sat watching my beautiful family having fun. I sat watching the wonderful sea. I sat watching the boats beached on the sand and I watched the kite blowing in the wind.

It’s so important to us to have family time. We love to be together having fun. I’m so thankful to my Mum & Dad for giving us the chance to go to Morecambe and be together and to create so many happy memories.