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Katie DOES speak!

Posted: 15 February 2009 in Katie
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So after the Health Visitor worried me on Thursday I wrote down every single word Katie says. To date the number of different words/phrases she says is 82.

Anthony and I can understand what she says but not many other people can. Mum and dad often have to ask us what she said and they see her alot. I’m now satisfied that she is NOT as delayed as the stupid HV made her out to be. Delayed, yes: but not as much as 14mths behind her actual age.

I’ve documented all her words and will continue to add to the list until the next HV appointment. I need this HV to realise just how much she upset me. In over a year since we moved here we’ve not heard from a HV. Someone came out once when we 1st moved but only because I phoned up 3 times to ask advice about Katies sore bum. Since then, nada! I even had to call 4 or 5 times to organise her immunisations.

The HV asked nothing at all about my family. She didnt ask about Robyn (she didnt even ask if she had any siblings). She didnt ask anything about our personal circumstances and didnt ask about her development prior to 2yrs. Basically she came across as an interfering busy body who just cared about ticking boxes (or not as the case may be).

From chatting to various people Health Visitors generally have this reputation the country over. Surely it cant be coincidence?! I know when my nephew was about Katies age a HV managed to really upset my sister by telling her Michael was obese and that he would get picked on at school for being the fatty if she didnt reduce his milk intake!!

She didnt take up the HV’s shock advice and Michael is now almost 11yrs old and is the most slender boy ever. He is tall and very toned. Not overweight in the slightest!!!

9 days til the HV comes back out. This time I’ll be ready for her!


Today was an eventful one.

Katie had her 2 year developmental check with the Health visitor this morning. She wouldn’t perform like she was expected to (does any 2yr old?!) and the HV refused to listen to a word I said about what she does at home. In the HV’s wisdom she decided to declare that Katies speech and hearing skills are at the age of 12mths rather than the 26mths that she actually is.

I completely disagree with her judgement and she is doing a follow up visit here in our home in a fortnights time. Today I have written down every single different word Katie has said. The grand total between 11.30am and bedtime at 6pm was 32 words. I’ll have my assertive head on when HV comes to visit us in a fortnight. Watch this space for an update!

We’ve ordered new mobile phones tonight. My contract is about to end and we’ve got a much better deal starting a new one with a different provider. Me and Anthony are both having new phones on a much better call plan for less than we pay now just for my contract. I’m having a Blackberry (or Raspberry as we always call them lol) and its cheered me up after the stupid HV experience!

Our car has died a death. We’ve been out today looking for a new one. We started the day looking at Ford Galaxys but have now decided on a Vauxhall Zafira (maybe!). Tomorrow we’ll go hunting again. We’re borrowing my friends car at the moment… I cant get over her generosity. I’m starting to feel guilty that we’ve got it now though, I want us to have our own car again!!