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Robyn’s Operation

Posted: 10 February 2011 in Robyn
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So today we go to hospital for Robyn’s op. She doesnt have surgery until tomorrow afternoon so we will have plenty of time to ask questions.

I’m nervous, really nervous. I can’t help but worry about my baby girl having this procedure done. She is having a Nissen’s Fundoplication done. They will repair her hiatus hernia and tighten the valve of her stomach. This should mean the end of heartburn and sickness for her but it will be a fairly rough recovery for her.
Her diet will be restricted for quite a while. Fizzy pop is off the menu for at least a month and so is bread. Her favourite sausages will be off the list too unless I blend them for her lol.

She is having keyhole surgery which is a blessing but even so I worry about her scarring. I think she will have 5 incisions. Hopefully the scars will be minimal. I know it’s perhaps a vain thing to be worried about but as she grows I want her to be happy with her body. I never was, am still not. It’s a big thing for a girl.

I am so grateful to all my wonderful friends & family who have offered so much support to us. Keep the thoughts and prayers coming. They are very much needed and appreciated.

Robyn has her own blog here. Between us we will try and keep it updated over the next few weeks. It will be very much about how she is progressing and about how she is feeling. I will update on her behalf when she can’t do it but alot of her friends will be reading it (school are following it too) so I’ll keep my own thoughts and feelings to this blog.

Wish us luck!