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I had to think about this one. We have been lucky enough to go to my parents seafront apartment in Morecambe lots in 2009. We love it there but I’m not sure it is the “best” place.


I’ve been wanting to go back to Taizé in France ever since I went when I was a teenager but again didnt get there this year. I am going in February though. One whole week on retreat in a place that is just out of this world. Peaceful and inspiring. I am going with my mum and dad but leaving Anthony and the girls at home. We fly to Geneva and then drive to Taizé. Oh my word I cannot wait to see the snow capped Alps! Excited just is not the word! I did not think I would be able to go but my parents, my husband and a very kind friend have made it possible for me.

Sorry, totally digressed there! I did not get there in 2009 but I will in 2010!

So, for 2009 the best place has to be HOME. My little family makes it perfect. As I type this we are sitting in our little home snuggled in cosy clothes, Christmas lights on, curtains closed, drinking hot chocolate, eating stollen and watching “The Grinch”. This is what we love to do. We love to be together and most of all together in our own home. I am so thankful that we have a home of our own. My sister and nephew have spent the past 5 months living with my mum and dad. Tomorrow they move to their new home which is a 2 minute walk from ours! I am excited for them to have  a new home, for my parents to have their home back to themselves and for us to have all my family so close by!

There's no place like HOME!

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It’s a play day

Posted: 13 July 2009 in Celebrations, Church, Family
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After our sad few days I’ve had a pretty constant headache so I decided yesterday that today would be a quiet play day to allow myself to relax with Katie.

This morning Robyn got up complaining of a sore throat and said she’d like to stay at home. I figured that she needed a quiet play day too so duly telephoned the school to inform them she wouldnt be in.

At 10am Robyn announced she felt better so she went upstairs with Katie and came back down dressed as a ballerina. This morning they have also bounced on my bed, rolled around the floor, played with the train set, done some colouring and had a picnic lunch on a blanket in the living room.

Katie is now having a nap while Robyn is lazing around on the floor with a book in preperation for the afternoons activities. We always go to a family service at church on a Monday after school. This afternoon we are all taking some food and having a party to celebrate the end of term. It happens to coincide with Granny Marys birthday today. She loved both lazy play days & parties xxx