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Childhood Memories

Posted: 11 January 2010 in Memories, Robyn
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I am very lucky to have many happy childhood memories of different things. Holidays, Christmas, family times, events and friendships. For me one of the best things about being a parent is having the chance to give my children the happy memories that they will grow up with. I want them to be able to smile and reminisce about the same sorts of things that I do.

We do our very best to provide our girls with a happy home life and I am confident that they will look back and smile when they think of our holidays and moments of silliness. Robyn has a very good friend. She recently described her as her “BFF” (Best Friend Forever!). They are in the same class at school, go to Rainbows & church club together and we try and get together outside of school as much as we can.

Last week we invited her “BFF” home for tea. After Katie had gone to bed we treated them to a DVD, popcorn & chocolate while they wore PJ’s and snuggled up in quilts and blankets. It was a sleepover party without the actual sleepover part! That bit won’t be long coming though, Robyn is staying overnight at her friend’s house in a couple of weeks time!
As I sat and watched the two girls laugh, sing and dance together I couldn’t help but smile. I reckon they will remember that evening forever. They were so happy to be sharing a good time together. The stuff childhood memories are made of for sure.

I am a part of making those memories for my girls and that makes me feel fantastic. Really, really fantastic 🙂


Robyn came home today. This made us all very happy. Katie came down the stairs grinning from ear to ear. She came up to me and said “Mummy! Robyn there!”. She has been looking for her all week. They love each other to pieces those girls. It is really lovely to see.

This afternoon they have had so much fun together. They have dressed up as “Weeners” (Ballerinas) and worn their “gink gwasses” (pink swimming goggles). My family is back together again where it belongs. That makes me all warm inside 🙂

Here is todays picture for my 365 project. I know I said I probably wouldn’t post them here but I might be changing my mind lol.