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FOR TODAY: Friday 7th January 2011

Outside my window… It is snowing, again! It used to be a novelty to see snow, not any more. We had the 2nd white Christmas in a row and it doesnt seem exciting to see it anymore.It doesn’t show any signs of stopping at the moment.

I am thinking… too much. Robyn has her operation date through for the beginning of February. I am anxious about it, very anxious. I know she will be better off for having surgery but the operation scares me. I am worried about her after care and about the care of Katie while I am in hospital with Robs. We could be there for up to a week and Katie needs someone to collect her from nursery and have her overnight etc. Family and friends will help out but trying to co-ordinate everything is making me so nervous.
I’m trying to remain calm about it but I feel a bit out of my depth if I am honest.

I am thankful for… schools going back this week. It was lovely to have the girls at home for Christmas but getting back to normal is always lovely!

From the kitchen… Katie and I made carrot, butternut squash and sweet potato soup yesterday. I added a bit of nutmeg and cumin powder too for a bit of spice. It tastes delicious. Robyn has got to get used to eating soup for after her op so there will be more soup making going on in the next few weeks as I try and find some that she likes. She declared yesterdays as “quite nice” which is praise indeed coming from her!

I am wearing… trousers with a big fleecy jumper! It’s cold today!

I am creating… nothing at the moment but I have some bunting orders coming in as soon as I can get the right fabric. I spoke to the man on the market this week and he is getting more of what I need within the next fortnight.
I am also on the look out for a new cross stitch kit that I can take with me to keep me occupied while I am in hospital with Robs.

I am going… out tonight with Anthony! Not sure where yet but my sister is having the girls overnight. Lovely!

I am hoping… that this year is kind to us. I need to remain positive. Robyns op and more tests for Katie are dominating my mind. Hopefully they will all go well and we can get on with happy times.

A few plans for the rest of the week: This week is almost over but next week I hope to have a quiet one. I have a doctors appointment to hopefully get some help with the anxiety problems I’m having. I can’t carry on as I am.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… A happy Katie, because yesterday she was so utterly horrid I have to concentrate on pictures like this in order to remain positive!

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Posted: 18 November 2010 in Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY… Thursday 18th November

Outside my window… It is wet and grey and horrible. Just for a change…

I am thinking… What will the Special Needs teacher from the LEA say when she comes to see me tomorrow. She called to say that they are applying for some funding so that Katie can have some 1:1 care at nursery a few hours a week. She is coming to fill in some big forms with me and also to show me the report that she wrote about Katie when she observed her in nursery a little while ago.
We are still waiting for the full results of her assessments but the news that they are applying for funding has given me a glimmer of hope that we might get a diagnosis. I don’t want Katie labelled if there is nothing there but if there is and a label helps get her the support that she needs then bring it on!

I am thankful for… my mum recovering well (again). She had a set back at the weekend and had to have more emergency surgery on her eye yesterday. This time they have treated it differently and although she will need another operation in 3 months time her immediate recovery will be much quicker. She is in really good spirits.

From the kitchen… I can smell coffee. My new coffee machine really is wonderful. I might make some Pudsey Bear biscuits later for Children in Need.

I am wearing… Comfy blue jeans and a tshirt.

I am going… to see Robyn sing at church with the school choir on Saturday afternoon. She has been desperate to join the choir for a couple of years now. This is her 1st chance and I can’t wait to see her 🙂

I am hoping… that my nephew remembers to collect Robyn from school in 5 minutes time…

I am hearing… Adverts on kids TV. The girls keep seeing things and adding to their Christmas wish lists. Trouble is that Santa has finished his shopping for them now lol.

Around the house… It’s a mess. I need to tidy up ready for the special needs teacher coming round tomorrow.

One of my favorite things… is seeing Katie smile. Today I managed to get a lovely shot of her with a beautiful, natural smile. Katie being happy makes me happy 🙂

A few plans for the rest of the week… It is the Christmas lights switch on here on Saturday. We are only a small town but the festivities are always good fun. Snow machines in the street and a definite Christmas feeling. Can’t wait!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

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FOR TODAY… Tuesday 3rd August 2010

Outside my window… it is raining. Summer has been a bit of a washout again so far.

I am thinking… about what to do with my girls today. We had hoped to spend some time in the park but it looks like plans will have to change.

I am thankful for… Anthony having a week of annual leave next week. As much as I love spending time with my girls it will be so lovely to have him around to help for a whole week.

From the kitchen… Anthony made me a delicious coffee and walnut cake. There is still lots left and I’m pondering a cheeky mid-morning treat in a little while!

I am wearing… shorts and tshirt that are saved for wearing about the house. I normally get washed and dressed as soon as I am up but today I needed to laze around for a bit. I will get in the shower soon.

I am going… to see my mum and dad tomorrow! They have been away in their campervan in France, Luxembourg and Belgium for the last 3 and a half weeks. They also had a day trip into Germany. We have missed them terribly.

I am hoping… that the rain keeps away next week for our little holiday to Morecambe.

I am hearing… Katie playing with her doll. It is very cute indeed.

One of my favorite things… is being on my own. School holidays mean that I’m not getting much space but Anthony has said he will try his best to take the girls out on his own while we are away next week.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tomorrow our new SodaStream will be delivered. We already had one but they discontinued the gas cylinders it takes. Such a waste 😦

Here is a picture I am sharing… “Mummy” by Katie (age 3)

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FOR TODAY… Thursday 15th July 2010

Outside my window… it is dull, rainy and generally miserable. School breaks up for the summer tomorrow and I can’t help but feel like the “summer” will be a washout (again).

I am thinking… about my mum and dad who are on their holidays in France.

I am thankful for… my friends. Last night I went out for something to eat with a friend and I had such a lovely time. It was the first time for a long, long time that I have done that.

From the kitchen… not a lot! I need to go and buy milk so I can’t even make a brew! It is a sad situation to be in!

I am wearing… comfortable black trousers with a baggy red t-shirt. They dry nice and quickly so if I get caught out in the rain it doesn’t matter too much!

I am creating… some thank you cards for Robyn’s teacher and the nursery staff. I was going to buy some and then decided to make some using my own photographs. I am also a little bit addicted to origami. I’ve bought myself some origami paper and keep making random objects.

I am going… to take Robyn to have her ears pierced on Saturday morning. She is so excited!

I am reading… “The other side of the Dale” by Gervase Phinn

I am hoping… that Robyn and her class mates have a good time on their school trip and that they don’t get too wet!

I am hearing… the washing machine spinning. I wish I had a separate kitchen so that I could shut the door on it!

Around the house… it’s fairly tidy. I did a quick clear up in Robyn’s bedroom this morning and she will finish it later. I need to hoover the downstairs and will do that later… maybe.

One of my favorite things… at the moment is going out for coffee. I’m a little bit addicted to it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I shall be making the most of tomorrow afternoon where I shall be on my own in the house for probably the last time until September.

Here is a picture I am sharing… we celebrated my nephews 12th birthday this week 🙂

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FOR TODAY, Sunday 14th March 2010

Outside my window… it is a bit dull. I took Katie to feed the ducks and realised it is a bit windy too.

I am thinking… about Mother’s Day. Here in the UK it is Mother’s Day today. I always struggle with it. My mum hates it and always discouraged us from making her a card or getting flowers etc. The trouble is I want to celebrate with my mum. I struggle with being told that I can’t buy flowers or show affection on a certain day. I’ve tried to get a card anyway but that has always been met with a disapproving look which makes me feel sad and unappreciated.
I find it hard to see other people having such a lovely time on Mothers Day with their own mums. Mother’s Day makes me feel the total opposite of how I should feel on this day.
Enough of the pity party though. I am a mother myself now and I will always do whatever I can to make my children feel loved. That means appreciating every little thing they do for me, whether it be Mother’s Day or not.

I am thankful for… my girls. I am thankful that Katie made me a Mother’s Day card at playgroup using handprints. This is a huge deal for her because she hates doing it. I am thankful that Robyn made me 2 cards and I am thankful for the other 2 cards I got today.
I am thankful for the hugs and kisses I got from my girls this morning and for the photo snowdome from Robyn. I am thankful for the breadmaker I already had as an early Mother’s Day present and for the £20 from Robyns dad on behalf of Robyn.
I feel very blessed today.

From the kitchen… Anthony is cooking roast pork with apple, roasted vegetables and roast potatoes. It smells yummy. This afternoon I am going to make Jam Doughnut Muffins to have with our tea later.

I am wearing… the usual. I live in jeans and tshirts.

I am going… swimming this week. I used to go regularly but stopped. I need to start again and so me and a friend are going together.

I am hoping… that my girls never feel unappreciated on Mother’s Day.

I am hearing… Bolt on TV (ahhh some things never change!) and the Grand Prix on Anthonys laptop.

Around the house… we’ve still not done that spring clean…

One of my favorite things… Tulips. I got a lovely bunch for Mother’s Day. I adore tulips.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Katie has blood tests on Thursday, I’m hopefully going swimming on Wednesday (if not then definitely on Sunday) and Anthony might be going to see his sister in Essex for the weekend.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… me and my girls. Taken yesterday by my husband. Have a happy and blessed Mother’s Day everyone. Give a hug to your nearest and dearest today, whether that be your mum, dad, child, husband, wife or best friend.

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FOR TODAY, Sunday 7th March 2010

Outside my window… the sky is blue and there are no clouds. We just saw a hot air balloon rise up from beind a hill which shows it is a calm day. There are people walking along with their heads up and smiling.

I am thinking… about what to do today. Robyn is away at her Dads house until this evening so we just have Katie to entertain. We might go for a walk with Katie.

I am thankful for… the fact that we still have the loan of our friends car and that we managed to escape to Morecambe on Friday night.

From the kitchen… it’s sausages, mash and onion gravy for dinner today. I made a cheese and onion loaf yesterday using a bread mix. It was ok but next time I will make a fresh one.

I am wearing… a pair of jeans that were too small when I bought them. Now they are about the only pair of jeans I own that fit me well. I feel confident in them and that is great!

I am creating… the church annual review. I was asked to put it together ready for printing. I have done a couple of draft copies but now I really need to crack on and get it completed. That is a job set aside for tomorrow.

I am going… to the doctors tomorrow about a little lump on my eyelid. The optician referred me after she noticed it and asked if it irritates me at all. It does sometimes so we’ll see what my GP says.

I am reading… nothing at the moment! I seem to have lost the reading bug. I intend on going to the library this week to see if I can get some inspiration.

I am hoping… that Robyn is having a nice time at her Dads house. She never seems to look forward to going but doesnt say she hates it either. I secretly long for the day when she wants to stay at home.

I am hearing… the sound of the tumble drier. I know, I know… it is a sunny day out there but we have no garden, not even a yard. I long for somewhere to hang washing. This year I may resort to hanging it outside the front of the house, in the street. It is a familiar sight in these parts, I’ve just not managed to bring myself to do it yet!

Around the house… it needs a spring clean. The stairs desperately need hoovering and boxes need to go back upstairs. Maybe next week we will get on with it.

One of my favorite things… is watching my family play together. Robyn is missing from home today but Sunday afternoons are normally reserved for family playtime.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Robyn has her first Gang Show rehearsal on Tuesday. This will take up every Tuesday evening from now until May. It is a great opportunity for her to be in the show. We are also hoping against hope that we get our car fixed.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… (Click it to make it bigger and enjoy it at its full effect).

It was taken in Morecambe on Friday evening and is the view we enjoy from the apartment window. One of my favourite views in the world.

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