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Samuel was born on 22nd September. Our long awaited and much longed for 3rd baby. I’ll be back to blogging soon I hope. Pregnancy this time was tough and there wasn’t much to blog about other than feeling sick, aching all the time, not being able to walk and gestational diabetes.

Still, he is here now and we are getting used to night feeds. I don’t even know if I have any readers left. I’m waving to you if I do xxx


My friend Becks over at Weight Wars has an amazing giveaway at the moment… a Kenwood Smoothie 2GO machine. Now I am slowly losing weight but I really need to start shifting it a bit quicker if I ever want baby number 3.

Did you see One Born Every Minute last night on Channel 4? I think most of my friends watch it. I had 2 very different births with Robyn & Katie. Both were induced but Robyn took 2 days to come out (kind of goes with her very laid back attitude!) while Katie was out in under an hour and a half. I watch OBEM and cry along with what seems like every other woman that watches it. I can sympathise with the long labours on there and I smile and get goose bumps at the calm and quick ones.

Last night there was a woman with PCOS and something she said on there has stuck in my head. Her GP said to her she needed to lose 5 stone in weight. She said that gave her a kick up the backside. She said she loves cake but when she looked at the piece of chocolate cake she thought “Do I want the bit of cake or a baby?!”. I burst into tears at this. As much as I love cake I am desperate for another baby. April this year sees not only the due date of our baby that we lost in the summer but also the 4 year anniversary of when we started trying for this elusive baby.

4 years is too long. I need to lose weight for so many reasons but the most pressing one for me at the moment is a baby. So I want a piece of cake or a baby? When I ask myself that question the answer is so simple.

I want to win this smoothie maker to help me say no to cake. Why not enter the giveaway… although there’s not much point to be fair because I am clearly already the winner lol.

This morning at school we held a cake sale for Children in Need. The children are all wearing spotty clothes and they will do some fun activities to raise money to help children who really need it.

I am so thankful that I have 2 healthy children. Yes, they  have both had their problems but we are almost at the end of them now. Next week Robyn has an outpatients appointment with her surgeon and Katie also sees her paediatrician but that should be the end of a long journey with them both.
I am thankful that we have had the help and support of friends, family and professionals to get us through the hard times… and let’s be honest, there have been some very hard times with Katie inparticular.

This morning at school I bumped into a very special lady, Heather. I claimed Heather as my unsung hero of 2009 in this blog post because she did so much for Katie and us as a family. I have to confess that I didn’t recognise Heather straight away but she recognised me. It brought a tear to both our eyes as we spoke about Katie. To be able to update her on her progress was marvellous. It helped me to remember just how far we have come in the last few years.
It is possible I will see Heather in school more often now as she has a new role working with older children with statements. I am still so thankful to her. The fact that she remembers us so well proves I was right to claim her as my unsung hero.


Today’s positiveness

Posted: 17 November 2011 in About me

So after yesterdays pity party I decided to post something positive.

I weighed myself this morning and since the end of August I have lost 6lb! When I think about how much comfort eating I have done in the last few months this loss is pretty amazing! I’m a sucker for cake. It is my all time favourite comfort food.

Yay me!

School goes back next week. Part of me is sad and part of me is glad. I’m ready for some me time again but I will miss spending time with the girls and being carefree with time.

Robyn is really excited about seeing all of her friends again and Katie is more than ready to go back to nursery. She needs some space from me just as much as I need some space from her.
She has been particularly difficult this last week and we have seen the “old” Katie with tantrums galore along with her kicking and smacking me.

My dad popped round this morning and I was able to let off some steam about how difficult she had been from the moment she woke up. While he was here Katie sat very nicely watching TV and spoke very sweetly to me. I said to my dad that Katie had shot herself in the foot because now she is being all sweet and angelic the damage is already done. My patience had gone, I was in a bad mood with her and I couldn’t find it within myself to forget how horrid she had been beforehand.
I commented that this made me feel bad and then my dad said something that rang very true. He said “She has used up all of your emotional bank balance”.

He explained it like this:

When you have had lots of lovely times, lots of positive experiences and happy, carefree days then one bad day is ok. You can deal with it. When that emotional bank balance is in credit you can afford an off day.
However, when you have bad day after bad day and when things get you down constantly then the next bad day can be epic. When you are already in your emotional overdraft then the next bad day takes you over your agreed limit and you are in trouble.

The first few weeks of the holidays were lovely. My emotional bank balance was topped up and all was well. I could deal with the odd bad day with Katie because my account was in credit.
Now we are nearing the end my reserves are low. In order to top them up again I need to take some time out. Even 10 minutes sitting in my bedroom helps. It all keeps me away from that overdraft limit.

Make the most of good days while you can. Use them to top up your emotional bank balance and then when a bad day comes you will be ready. When you are suffering on that bad day remember that the debt will be repaid. Good times will come to top your account up.

How is your emotional bank balance at the moment? I’m still in my overdraft but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Happy Father’s Day

Posted: 20 June 2010 in About me, Celebrations
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It is no secret that my Daddy is my hero. Here we are together when I was aged 11.

He is not only my dad but a great friend too. We laugh together nearly every day and I know he is always there if I need him.

I feel so lucky to be able to call him my Dad. He really is the greatest. This photo was taken on my wedding day.

I love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day xxx

Over on The Gallery this week the theme is “Friendship”. I have 2 best friends and I feel truely blessed to have them both.

3 years ago today I married my soul mate. Here we are with our precious girls after we signed the registers in church…

The 26th May 2007 was THE happiest day of my life. I know it’s a cliché but it’s true. First and foremost Anthony is my friend… 

But he is also my wonderful husband…

Happy Anniversary my wonderful Anthony. I love you xxx

See now I couldn’t mention friendship without talking about Lorna… I have known her for 14 years.

Here we are on the day of Robyns baptism…

Here we are on a rather drunken night out…

And here we are on my wedding day… did I mention that it was 3 years ago today lol.

We can go for weeks without speaking what with busy lives and living a few hours apart from eachother but when we do speak it’s as though we’ve never been apart. Friends like Lorna are very special.

So cheers, here’s to friendship and also to marriage. Long may they prosper xxx