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Apologies for my absence. Life has been really very good lately. Anthony has been enjoying his new job and I have been enjoying being a mummy. We finally seem to have found our roles again and it is having such a positive effect on family life.

This morning I was showering both the girls and I said to Robyn “It’s Friday! We’ll be able to have a lovely weekend together”. She replied “Yes we will. Daddy doesn’t have to go to work at the weekends anymore and he is not as grumpy at his new job is he?!”. I admit that what she said really choked me. Even she has noticed how much happier we all are.

So many things to be thankful for:

  • My family. Every day I am astounded at how much love is in our little family.
  • The sunshine. We have been blessed with good weather the last couple of days. It makes such a difference.
  • Birthdays. Robyn turned 7 on Sunday and she had a lovely day. She also had a birthday party last Friday which was wonderful. She has a great group of friends.
    My best friend also had a birthday this week. She turned the big 3-0. Gutted I couldn’t be there to help her celebrate but we will make up for it in the summer.
  • Ice cream. Yum!
  • Paracetamol. I had some horrible headaches this week 😦
  • Winning £5 on a scratch card this morning. It paid for coffee and cakes in a café.
  • Friends. This morning I went out for a walk with friends and then to the park after the café. Without them I would have sat indoors with Katie and probably wasted this beautiful day.
  • Make-up. I’ve finally decided to start wearing makeup again. Only a little bit but I’ve realised how much better it makes me feel. Who’d have thought that a bit of confidence could be found in a pot of eye shadow?!

Have a lovely weekend everyone. We are hopefully heading out for some picnics so we can enjoy the sunshine that is forecast.


Bear with me while I tell you a story…

Anthony started his job at the Carvery pub a few weeks ago and halfway through his first shift he called me while on his break and said “It’s really dire, I want to just drive home!”.
The food was awful and Anthony had no authority to change it. Customers were few and far between. The rest of the staff were dull and had no real cooking skills. It was soul-destroying for him to be working there so while keeping the job he was determined to find something better.

Last weekend he had an interview and trial shift for a head chef position at a local pub. It seemed like the perfect job. The interview and trial seemed to go very well and he was very excited at the prospect of being offered the position. He wasn’t successful though and while the pub said they would contact him in the future if the position became vacant again he was very fed up and disappointed.
That Sunday evening here was very solemn. The thought of having to go back to a job he hated on the Wednesday was making Anthony very sad. Seeing him so sad made me sad and there was a lot of sighing and moaning going on. Anthony got straight back on the job centre website and searched for new adverts. He saw one that looked good but couldn’t ring up about it until the morning.

The next morning as the girls were eating their breakfast he was on the phone. He was asked to come for an interview at 4pm that day. After a day of shopping for Robyns birthday presents he went off to the interview while I went to the weekly family service at church with the girls.
At 5pm he called me to say he had just left the interview. He said it seemed to go well and was feeling quite confident but at the back of our minds we knew that we had thought that about the last interview.

He arrived home and said that he would know about the job by Wednesday morning at the latest. We started the kids tea and tried to forget about the potentially exciting job that was on the horizon. Working in a staff canteen at a huge banking headquarters serving people ranging from office assistants up to Managing Directors. The hours: Monday to Friday; 6.30am til 3pm. No bank holidays, no weekends (EVER!), no evenings (EVER!) and a secure job with a very well-known company.

By 6pm the phone rang. Anthony had been successful and been offered the job!

He started on Wednesday morning and is loving the job. He never had to go back to the awful pub and he is working somewhere that values him. His colleagues are happy, friendly and polite and he feels like he has a purpose again. He is happy, therefore I am happy and the children are happy.

On Monday afternoon after we’d bought Robyns birthday presents we went into Wing Yip, the Chinese supermarket. I bought a box of fortune cookies (aswell as a whole load of other stuff!) and opened one when I got into the car. I was a bit taken aback when I read my fortune…

All too often we dwell on good things that end. Sooner or later your troubles end too. It’s true! Good things can go on and on and on if you only let them. Bad things can stop. Right there. It’s all about making that choice and being brave enough to make them stop.
Sometimes you can make your own fortune. Applying for that job might end in disappointment but try again and again and your troubles will end. Choose happiness.

Nothing last forever – not even your troubles!

The theme for Tara’s ‘The Gallery’ this week is numbers. She explains the prompt here…
So today’s prompt is: A number. I want the title of your photo to be one number.
What the heck? I can here you all saying . . .
Well, what about 14: the age you discovered fashion?
Or 10: the number of years you’ve been married?
Or 3: the number of pets in the house?
Or 4: the number of children you have? Etc etc.

I have chosen the number 3. There are 3 people in my life who are at the centre of everything I do. Here they are:

We are a team. We do as much as we can together.

I was reminded on Emilys blog this morning that even our flaws are important to somebody. I love my family to the ends of the earth and back again. Yes, they have traits that might be annoying at times but those flaws give personality. Someone who is perfect would be awfully dull don’t you think?! If you think you are perfect surely you are setting yourself up to fail.
These 3 people teach me new things every day. They make me proud every day and they make me laugh every day.

Be proud of yourself and your family. Don’t aim for perfection, aim for happiness.

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