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March Scavenger Hunt

Posted: 1 March 2010 in MSH

Each time I ‘find’ a clue I’ll strike it out and link to the photograph

The March list is up. Looking good 🙂

1. I Once Caught A Fish THIS Big! (Please tag as msh0310-1 and msh0310) Here
2. Fired Up (msh0310-2 and msh0310) Here
3. Get off the phone! (msh0310-3 and msh0310) Here
4. Partners in crime (msh0310-4 and msh0310) Here
5. Shaggy (msh0310-5 and msh0310) Here
6. Smiling Animal (msh0310-6 and msh0310) Here
7. Bronze Age (msh0310-7 and msh0310) Here
8. Stupid computer! (msh0310-8 and msh0310) Here
9. View from the Inside (msh0310-9 and msh0310) Here
10. Rectangular (msh0310-10 and msh0310) Here
11. Finish line (msh0310-11 and msh0310) Here
12. Mi casa es su casa (msh0310-12 and msh0310) Here
13. Would These Eyes Lie To You? (msh0310-13 and msh0310) Here
14. Nap time (msh0310-14 and msh0310) Here
15. Muddy footprints (msh0310-15 and msh0310) Here
16. Under construction (msh0310-16 and msh0310) Here
17. Get out of the way! (msh0310-17 and msh0310) Here
18. Cowboys and Indians (msh0310-18 and msh0310) Here
19. What`s for dinner? (msh0310-19 and msh0310) Here
20. The perfect ending (msh0310-20 and msh0310) Here


February Scavenger Hunt

Posted: 3 February 2010 in MSH
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February 2010 Scavenger Hunt

1. A Picture Worth a Thousand Words` (Please tag as msh0210-1 and msh0210) Here
2. Bogus (msh0210-2 and msh0210) Here
3. Center of Attention (msh0210-3 and msh0210) Here
4. Enchanting (msh0210-4 and msh0210) Here
5. Fake (msh0210-5 and msh0210) Here
6. Frozen (msh0210-6 and msh0210) Here
7. Hands on (msh0210-7 and msh0210) Here
8. Heartsickness (msh0210-8 and msh0210) Here
9. Insomnia (msh0210-9 and msh0210) Here
10. Jaw Breakers (msh0210-10 and msh0210) Here
11. Love-letter (msh0210-11 and msh0210) Here
12. Making Waves (msh0210-12 and msh0210) Here
13. Hello Neighbor! (msh0210-13 and msh0210) Here
14. Origami (msh0210-14 and msh0210) Here
15. Pick of the Bunch (msh0210-15 and msh0210) Here
16. Red on Green (msh0210-16 and msh0210) Here
17. Right of Way (msh0210-17 and msh0210) Here
18. Street Photography (msh0210-18 and msh0210) Here
19. Square (msh0210-19 and msh0210) Here
20. Wee Dram (msh0210-20 and msh0210) Here

Monthly Scavenger Hunt

Posted: 5 January 2010 in MSH, Photography
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My fixation with Flickr continues. A while ago I joined a group called “Monthly Scavenger Hunt”. I have lurked but not yet joined in until now. I’ve decided to give it a go as it looks fun! It might provide me with inspiration for my 365 project when I’m struggling for ideas and I like the prompts on the list!

January 2010 Scavenger Hunt

1. Mas Que Nada (Please tag as msh0110-1 and msh0110) Here
2. Air Mail Special (msh0110-2 and msh0110) Here
3. String of Pearls (msh0110-3 and msh0110) Here
4. Ornithology (msh0110-4 and msh0110) Here
5. On the Street Where You Live (msh0110-5 and msh0110) Here
6. Born to be Blue (msh0110-6 and msh0110) Here
7. Close your Eyes (msh0110-7 and msh0110) Here
8. All the Things You Are (msh0110-8 and msh0110) Here
9. Smooth Sailing (msh0110-9 and msh0110) Here
10. Tangerine (msh0110-10 and msh0110) Here
11. Four (msh0110-11 and msh0110) Here
12. Squeeze Me (msh0110-12 and msh0110) Here
13. God Bless the Child (msh0110-13 and msh0110) Here
14. Time on my Hands (msh0110-14 and msh0110) Here
15. Three Little Words (msh0110-15 and msh0110) Here
16. I Got Rhythm (msh0110-16 and msh0110) Here
17. Fever (msh0110-17 and msh0110) Here
18. Ain`t Misbehavin` (msh0110-18 and msh0110) Here
19. Love for Sale (msh0110-19 and msh0110) Here
20. How High the Moon (msh0110-20 and msh0110) Here