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Real ambulances & toy ones too!

Posted: 28 July 2009 in Katie
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This morning I told Robyn she could bring down her playmobil box from her bedroom. It’s not something I allow her to bring downstairs very often because of all the tiny pieces. I trust Robyn to look after it in her bedroom but Katie having a free reign with it spells disaster!

The girls have just spent over an hour putting people in the campervan & driving them around, also putting poorly people in the ambulance and taking them to hospital. Both of these things are very topical in our house at the moment as my parents are currently touring France in their campervan and on Saturday we had the unfortunate experience of an ambulance trip to hospital with Katie.

Katie had been having some trouble breathing on Friday night and so I took her to the emergency doctor on Saturday who in turn sent us to the hospital. I had no transport since Anthony had gone away to a wedding so we were forced to go by ambulance. When we got there we were put into an isolation room and the doctors and nurses who came into us all had to be masked and gowned because of the Swine Flu precautions.

A doctor and then a registrar listened to Katies chest and said there’s nothing untoward there. The breathing trouble was due to congestion in her throat as her tonsils were a bit swollen.

Diagnosis: Suspected swine flu. We were sent away with some Tamiflu and ordered to stay indoors for 5 days. Thank goodness for toys that don’t come out very often, when they do come out its like a brand new toy which is guaranteed to keep them amused for a while!



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Testing putting borders around photos… thanks Mel xxx




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In the last week my sister and my 11 year old nephew have moved up to live in the same town as us and mum and dad. It’s wonderful to have them close again. Robyn is chuffed to bits that she has her beloved cousin living so near. He is with us alot at the moment with mum and dad being on holiday and my sister working in her new office.

I’m smiling as I type this because I’m looking at my girls and my nephew playing together on the living room floor. They get on so well together and you can just see the love that they share between them.


A Poem

Posted: 22 July 2009 in Memories

I stumbled across this poem by Mother Teresa this evening and it brought tears to my eyes. It is exactly the way that Granny Mary lived her life. At her funeral the priest spoke about how she lived for other people & how she never judged anyone. There were so many people at her requiem mass. Everyone had been touched by Mary at some point in their lives and wanted to pay their respects to a wonderful lady.

Spread Love

Spread love everywhere you go:
first of all in your own house.
Give love to your children,
to your wife or husband,
to a next door neighbor . . .
Let no one ever come to you
without leaving better and happier.
Be the living expression of God’s kindness;
kindness in your face,
kindness in your eyes,
kindness in your smile,
kindness in your warm greeting.

Mother Teresa

Learning new things

Posted: 22 July 2009 in About me
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I have been thinking about enrolling on a course to learn a new skill for a while. I’ve been teaching myself to sew but the sewing courses that are around are not at a convenient time for me so I got looking at the Open Universtity courses.

Lately I have been very inspired by the photography of some good friends. Mel & Becks are wonderful photographers and both have given me tips on how best to take and edit my photos.

I looked at the T189 (Digital Photography: creating & sharing better images) course online and finally printed the forms off and filled them in. I got my letter back last week informing me that I am registered on the course that starts on 1st October.

I am very excited about the course, but also apprehensive. I only have a point and shoot camera and although the course requirements tell me that it will be fine I keep worrying that the other students will have much better SLR cameras and I will be rubbish in comparison.

I’ll not be able to afford a new camera before the course starts but it is my mission to save every spare penny I have to be able to get an SLR. Christmas money, next years birthday money too if it comes to it.

Here are links to Mel and Becks’ blogs. I love their photos so much.

Sucked in

Posted: 19 July 2009 in About me

Apologies for my absence from blogging. I have been well and truly sucked into Farm Town, an application on Facebook.

I struggled to see the attraction at first but persevered. Now I have a well planted farm and I am finding myself spending every spare minute tending to my crops and earning money so I can expand and buy new assets. If only real life was so simple!

I’ll be bored of it soon, I promise!

It’s a play day

Posted: 13 July 2009 in Celebrations, Church, Family
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After our sad few days I’ve had a pretty constant headache so I decided yesterday that today would be a quiet play day to allow myself to relax with Katie.

This morning Robyn got up complaining of a sore throat and said she’d like to stay at home. I figured that she needed a quiet play day too so duly telephoned the school to inform them she wouldnt be in.

At 10am Robyn announced she felt better so she went upstairs with Katie and came back down dressed as a ballerina. This morning they have also bounced on my bed, rolled around the floor, played with the train set, done some colouring and had a picnic lunch on a blanket in the living room.

Katie is now having a nap while Robyn is lazing around on the floor with a book in preperation for the afternoons activities. We always go to a family service at church on a Monday after school. This afternoon we are all taking some food and having a party to celebrate the end of term. It happens to coincide with Granny Marys birthday today. She loved both lazy play days & parties xxx