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My friend Becks over at Weight Wars has an amazing giveaway at the moment… a Kenwood Smoothie 2GO machine. Now I am slowly losing weight but I really need to start shifting it a bit quicker if I ever want baby number 3.

Did you see One Born Every Minute last night on Channel 4? I think most of my friends watch it. I had 2 very different births with Robyn & Katie. Both were induced but Robyn took 2 days to come out (kind of goes with her very laid back attitude!) while Katie was out in under an hour and a half. I watch OBEM and cry along with what seems like every other woman that watches it. I can sympathise with the long labours on there and I smile and get goose bumps at the calm and quick ones.

Last night there was a woman with PCOS and something she said on there has stuck in my head. Her GP said to her she needed to lose 5 stone in weight. She said that gave her a kick up the backside. She said she loves cake but when she looked at the piece of chocolate cake she thought “Do I want the bit of cake or a baby?!”. I burst into tears at this. As much as I love cake I am desperate for another baby. April this year sees not only the due date of our baby that we lost in the summer but also the 4 year anniversary of when we started trying for this elusive baby.

4 years is too long. I need to lose weight for so many reasons but the most pressing one for me at the moment is a baby. So I want a piece of cake or a baby? When I ask myself that question the answer is so simple.

I want to win this smoothie maker to help me say no to cake. Why not enter the giveaway… although there’s not much point to be fair because I am clearly already the winner lol.



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Today someone said to me “Wow! How much weight have you lost?!”. I hadn’t seen this person for a good few weeks and she said I looked fab.
For me to be able to reply “I’ve lost a stone!” was wonderful, really great!

We also had a meeting today all about Katie. We discussed what will happen for her development and needs from now on. It was decided officially that she has some special learning needs and has been placed on the SEN register. While talking about her it came across from all 4 professionals that we were meeting with that Anthony and I do a great job as parents.
How fantastic to be recognised by different professionals that in with all the difficulties we have with Katie we are infact doing a good job. We are good parents.

Affirmation is a wonderful thing. Good things happen to good people. Have I mentioned that before?! 😉

Best of 2009: New Food

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Struggling with this one. We’ve not got into anything new really this year. We eat all sorts of different stuff anyway and being married to a chef means we eat delicious things at home.

I am trying though to eat more healthily. Being on metformin tablets means that my belly has suffered horrid side effects the last couple of months. I struggle to tolerate anything greasy or fried. This is fantastic news for my waistline! Whereas I used to long for bacon and egg sandwiches for brunch now I just think about the agonising belly ache it will give me so I opt for a bowl of cereal for breakfast and some soup for lunch instead.

I’m 1lb away from losing a stone in 2mths. Healthy food is where it’s at (although I must confess that I am planning to skip my tablets on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so that I can enjoy some festive food without feeling poorly!!!).

This post is part of  Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 blog challenge

Happy Friday

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I’m so happy right now. We have had a worrying week as we were not sure when we would get the money owing to us from Anthonys work. With Katies 3rd birthday next week and then Christmas obviously it was a worry that we could do without! We tried our hardest to keep positive though and this afternoon my Dad came round with some cash to keep us going. It turned out that we didnt need the loan (although the couple of hours relief it gave was worth more than any money could buy). We got paid this evening every penny (and a little bit more than we were expecting).

We also heard that one of the ringleaders in the horribleness from work was getting handed her notice this evening. Karma is a lovely thing. Sorry, not very kind of me to say that but she really is a nasty piece of work. 

I am now just 1lb away from losing my first stone in weight since I started on the Metformin for my PCOS. A huge milestone for me that is making me really happy!

We are currently waiting for Anthonys sisters to arrive. They are driving up from Essex and MK to celebrate Katies birthday and for us to have an early Christmas celebration. The house is lovely and tidy, we are happy and the kids are being well behaved. Anthony has just nipped out to buy some tequila and some Tia Maria to add to the alcoholic beverages we already have so that we can make some cocktails. It could be a long and joyful evening tonight!!

So happy Friday everybody.


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I weighed myself today… from now on I’ll weigh in on a Friday to allow myself a weekend treat without guilt.

Am very pleased with the result… I’ve lost 2lb since Monday! Although I’ve been good I could have done better. Pancake day didnt help and neither did the fact that we went out for dinner on Wednesday (chicken burger and chips. Ooops!).

Hopefully this is the start of the new me. Its given me a much needed boost!

Weighed in…

Posted: 23 February 2009 in Diet

A very depressing weigh-in. Since last time (about a month ago) I have gained 3lb.

I’m putting my weight here to hopefully shame myself into losing some… 18st 13lb. My only saving grace is that when I 1st started to lose weight in October I weighed 19st 7lb. Looking at it like that I suppose at least I’ve kept 8lb off.

Just had minging canned lentil soup for lunch. Need to find myself a recipe to make my own! Would be good if I could make a big batch and freeze it in portions. Off to google…

Monday Morning

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Not just any old Monday morning… its Robyn’s 1st day back at school after half term and day number 1 of my diet (again!).

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. In the past I’ve given up the usual chocolate, crisps and sweets etc for Lent but this year I’m going to try and use it to lose weight. Hopefully it will help me be more disciplined. Tomorrow I’m going to aquafit for the first time in ages. I stopped going when I was having problems with my sciatica. That is all better now (mostly… for the time being at least) so last night we sat and sorted all the bits out for our Sports centre discount card. Ours expired on Saturday, typical eh?!

Breakfast today was Fruit n Fibre, lunch will be a cup a soup with oatcakes. Not sure about dinner yet, I need to look in the freezer.  I’m going to cut bread out of my diet for a while. i managed it for a couple of weeks in October and noticed the difference in my weight.

I’ll do a weigh in later. I may or may not post the results of that here in my blog. Watch this space