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On my photography course this week I am asked to take two pictures of someone, somewhere or something that you really like. This has really got me thinking. I have been trying hard to think which two things are worthy of being at the top of that list and of course which two things are good to photograph.

I thought I’d make a list here in no particular order:

  • My husband. He is my best friend, my soul mate, my rock. I struggle to imagine life without him.
  • My children. I am so proud of them and I am so thankful that I have had the chance to be a mother.
  • My laptop. It is my link to the “outside world” and through it I can keep in touch with my friends and family.
  • My camera. Lately my new hobby of photography has given me a new lease of life. Getting outside and taking photographs has opened my eyes and I notice things in a new way. A simple, boring wall can be beautiful when you take its photograph and notice the textures and light shades.
  • Where I live. I am lucky to live in a truly beautiful place. Living here makes me happy.
  • My church. Maybe here I’m not actually talking about the physical building (although it is beautiful) or even the people in it. My faith is what I perhaps mean.
  • My bed! I love the feeling of getting into my own bed after I’ve been away for even one night. Nothing better!
  • Café Modo. It is the place that has given my husband his new lease of life. He has his spark back and watching him cook, prepare menus and make plans for the future is wonderful. The mochas arent bad either!

There are more favourite things but these are the ones I could think of straight away. Look out to see which ones I photograph!


My new toy

Posted: 17 August 2009 in About me, Photography
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So after thinking I’d never get the DSLR that I was dreaming of before my OU course starts I am so chuffed to announce that I have got a Sony a200!

It has been made possible by my wonderful, supportive family. I am so grateful to them!

I’ve already been out taking pictures and I am loving it already. All the limitations that I struggled with on my compact camera are now lifted and I am learning so much. It is giving me the motivation to get up and go outside. Yesterday we went blackberry picking and this morning we went to the park (OK, so it resulted in Katie’s bump but it was good up until then!).

Here is a mosaic of some of the pictures I have taken with my new toy. Thankyou again to my friends Mel & Becks for their help, advice & encouragement. Also thanks of course to my wonderful family, without them I wouldnt be making this post now!


I saw this on a forum I lurk on and thought it might be interesting to add to my blog…

Five places I have lived

  • Yorkshire
  • Northampton
  • Surrey
  • Lincoln
  • Lichfield

Five of my favourite past-times

  • Surfing the net
  • Going to church
  • Reading
  • Playing on the Wii
  • Playing with my daughters

Five of my favourite foods

  • Curry
  • Cheese
  • Cakes
  • Chinese
  • Toast

Five things to do before I die

  • Go back to Taize. It’s such a wonderful place.
  • Learn how to sew
  • Own a house
  • See my children grow up happy
  • Write my memoirs

Five people (or groups of people) who have helped make me the “Mel” I am today

  • Anthony
  • Mum & Dad
  • Robyn & Katie
  • Lorna
  • The Church