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Posted: 14 June 2008 in Church
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Yippee!!! I have sorted out the problems with the Church Ebay account and I’m happy to say that it is now up & running. At the moment I just have a “test” auction on there to make sure the charity settings etc were all in order. Its looking promising… the 1st item I have listed is just a baby toy and it is selling for over £3.00. It ends this evening so will be interesting to see how much it makes.

£3.00 doesnt sound like much but the item was donated for the church £1.00 sale (as was most of the stuff I have in boxes upstairs). Making the effort to pick things out before the sale to put on ebay means we can raise more money for church… which has to be a good thing!

Items I have to list include a bureaux, some Coalport Paddington Bear figures, a couple of Wade Whimsies and a silver charm bracelet. There is loads more too.

The link to the church Ebay account is in my links box here on my blog. Take a look every now & again… you might be able to grab a bargain and support a worthwhile cause at the same time!

UPDATE: The toy (which was a Lamaze activity cube) sold for £6.00! Ive got a good feeling about this project!! :o)