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365 Project: June Complete!

Posted: 30 June 2010 in 365 Project

Halfway there!! Yay!


It was hard this month as things have been a bit hectic but I managed to complete my 6th hunt in a row 🙂

The Gallery: Creatures

Posted: 23 June 2010 in The Gallery

Over at The Gallery this week the theme is creatures.

The only creatures that feature heavily in this house are this pair…

Meet “Teddy Bear” who belongs to Katie and “Woof Woof” who belongs to Robyn. They go to bed with the girls every night and are very much a part of the family!

I couldn’t decide how to do todays posts… my dad and Anthony both deserved some words and photographs and so in the end I decided to give them a post each. This comes on behalf of Robyn and Katie too.

Anthony is a wonderful Daddy to our girls, a really great Daddy.

The love that they have for eachother is so clear to see. My husband wears his heart on his sleeve.

A few weeks ago Robyn asked some questions about Anthony being her step-dad. It upset me at the time that her “real” dad had been feeding her information that was confusing and unkind. Today though she made it clear that she knows and understands what makes a father different from a Daddy.

Thankyou Anthony for being such a great Dad. You are one special man xxx

Happy Father’s Day

Posted: 20 June 2010 in About me, Celebrations
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It is no secret that my Daddy is my hero. Here we are together when I was aged 11.

He is not only my dad but a great friend too. We laugh together nearly every day and I know he is always there if I need him.

I feel so lucky to be able to call him my Dad. He really is the greatest. This photo was taken on my wedding day.

I love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day xxx

The Gallery: Motherhood

Posted: 16 June 2010 in The Gallery

Today it is my birthday and I’d like to share the words that were in my birthday card from my two wonderful daughters:

Mums teach us manners
and simple common sense –
Where to find the greatest deals
at minimum expense.

They hug us when we’re hurting
and teach us right from wrong,
They’re kind and gentle hearted
while always keeping strong…

There’s nothing they can’t handle,
they do it all somehow –

And who’s the greatest mum of all..?
She’s holding this card now!

Being a mother means the world to me. I truly believe it is the most rewarding job that a woman can do. Creating human beings and nurturing them into people to be proud of is something short of magical.
I feel so honoured to be a mother. I only hope I can make my girls as proud of me as I am of them.

Turning up

Posted: 16 June 2010 in Positivity
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I keep getting messages from wise people about “Turning up”. First of all my dad in his sermon on Sunday spoke about “Turn up, pay attention, tell the truth and leave the results to God” and then my dear friend Mel wrote a blog post about how important it is to show up and keep calm.

Yesterday I went swimming. I love swimming but I’m not very good at showing up. Once I am there I love it but the actual getting up and out of the house, the walking through the park to get there part is what I struggle with. I sat and thought about it on Monday evening and decided to buck my ideas up. So, after a positive review meeting for Katie with various health/child development professionals I turned up at the swimming pool.
When I arrived the receptionist said to me “There are school children in the pool, did you know?”. I replied saying “Yes I did know but it’s ok, there is part of the pool sectioned off and the children are not my responsibility!”. She laughed and said “Yes, that is true!”. Once upon a time that would have been enough for me to think again about going in the pool. I still turned up. I worked out that I swam half a mile yesterday. That’s not bad going for someone so unfit like I am and do you know what? I really, really enjoyed myself.

We have had so much uncertainty in our little family over the last couple of years and in the last 6 months since I started to think positively about things the uncertainty doesn’t bother me anywhere near as much. If I turn up, pay attention to what is happening (ie. don’t bury my head in the sand), tell the truth about what is happening (including telling other people that we are looking at things positively – you would be surprised at how many people think this outlook is most peculiar!) and then leave the rest to God then things work out just fine. Sure, there might be some little hiccups along the way but if you have faith then things will work out.

Turn up, do something you might have reservations about doing, pay attention to it and tell the truth about it. The rest will work out ok. I promise you.

This post was totally inspired by Mel over at Me, Myself and Other Things. Turn up, give her a visit for she is a very wise woman and a very dear friend.